Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

That warm fuzzy feeling

I like innocent smoothies, for the flavour and for the jokes on the bottle (over the years they've claimed as ingredients everything from a small church to half a ham sandwich, TM usually stands for Tasty Mangos and the new carton promises '12 more strawberries'). But the faux-friend marketing bandwagon is rumbling along; the pomegranate apple juice I got yesterday said it was yummy, promised to fight back against heart muggers, claimed to have 'teh pwoer' and asked me to tell Jeremy what I think of it. And the chicken sandwiches from M&S proclaim that not only do their ingredients come from suppliers and farms with high standards of animal welfare, they come from suppliers and farms with "really high" standards. It's warm, it's cuddly and it smacks of naive start-ups hoping to change the world one smoothie at a time. Fuzzy is the new sleek. It says 'we're human, just like you, we're not a faceless company; trust us'. But at least for a larger company, it may sometimes be pretty calculating. There's so much of it now that must be a term for it; I asked sbisson and he suggested mateketing.
Tags: marketing, rant, smoothie

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