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Any route will do...

American decided to cancel our flight from Miami to San francisco. Various alternatives were discussed and discarded on the grounds that it takes more than ten minutes to get to Miami from Fort Lauderdale and routing via South Caroline would have given us another state to tick off but taken rather longer. So here we are back at Dallas thanks to the herioic efforts of the pr, the conference organiser, the travel agent, the driver and the checkin guy at the airport. No points to anyone else at American, from the ticketing agent who gave the travel agent the runaround to the checkin helper who told me to get in line behind everyone else with ticket problems when we had less than 45 minutes to catch the flight. We have a choice of bankrupt American airlines to fly and American is down the bottom of the list with America West for me now.


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6th Apr, 2006 21:50 (UTC)
rowanf is in Texas this week, in the live music capital of the United States. But unfortunately you are......stuck in Dallas with the American Airlines blues again.
7th Apr, 2006 05:27 (UTC)
7th Apr, 2006 07:24 (UTC)
Flying a bankrupt airline company is risky. Flying a bankrupt company with a bad reputation is worse. United was never particularly good with its customers well before their bankruptcy. I vowed never to fly with them decades ago having suffered multiple maltreatments by them. So we switched to American and discovered they were only marginally better. American cancels flights with slightly less frequency than United used to, but when they do they rarely have to find an alternate flight for their customers because they routinely mis-declare the cancellation on weather, and that is the universal out for them. I'm glad you made it at least to Dallas - it's a nice city.
7th Apr, 2006 07:36 (UTC)
we made it to Dallas. twice. and that was only today. the onward flight rolled out onto the runway, queued up behind 5 or 6 other planes, rolled dowwwwn the runway and then just kept on going round the end and back around the whole airport on the grounds that the high temperature warning light had come on for the hydraulics. So the 4.39 flight got us back to the gate for 6.30 and an hour later they dug out a second plane. As the flight was full of people who'd been bumped from the direct San Fran flight tempers were high and the apology came from the girl at the gate who explained it wasn't her fault and she had no authorisation to hand out meal vouchers or compensation and could we all just go back to smiling at her... they're so just in time they can't recover from problems and they don't seem to care about repeat business enough to include customer service. but then United's lost property number goes to voice mail which is full the Thursday *before* labour day. Personally, I quite like Southwestern and I want to try that Blue one...
7th Apr, 2006 07:43 (UTC)
Oh dear! Well, Southwest airlines is OK. They often use the 'bus'or commuter train approach, which means no reserved seating, just queue up and get on. Last I flew them it wasn't a problem because they had 1/2 hour spaced departures from Dallas to San Francisco, and if they noticed long lines, they simply keep the planes going.
9th Apr, 2006 07:03 (UTC)
Southwest is my favorite - they're so quick to get everyone on and off the plane, and the luggage, too!

I've heard good things about JetBlue, as a carrier and an investment, but I've never flown needed to go somewhere they could take me.
9th Apr, 2006 07:00 (UTC)

(I'd rate American ahead of Northwest, but that's not saying much. I've no intention of flying either, if I can help it!)
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