Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Kind of a pilgrimage

Being a beach bunny with Travis McGee involves beer and steaks and fishing and swimming and a trip on the Busted Flush with maybe a visit to the Permanent Floating House Party to check on the Alabama Tiger. We settled for wandering along the beach paddling in the water and hunting for pretty shells and coral cast-offs. It's rough shell-sand, gritty particles that get lighter amd finer and softer further up the beach slope. Pelicans and parascenders floated overhead and I sat down in the waves and let wet sand run through my fingers.

Then we went on a treasure hunt. After walking twice round the Bahia Mar marinan boggling at the hammerhead shark, looking the damn thing up on Google and askiing the security guard we found that the plaque that belongs at slip F18 (no longer empty!) is off in the marina office for safekeeping while they do yet more construction. I think Trav would be proud, actually.
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