Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Identifying InfoCard

In my DevReg piece about Implementing InfoCard and the identity metasystem, I said that IinfoCard is 'less a replacement and more of an antidote' to Passport. One reader rightly points out TRevin's post that InfoCard supplements rather than replaces Passport

Perhaps I should have said successor; it's a replacement in the sense that MSN et al will at least supplement their use of Passport with InfoCard logins that will be part of the identity metasystem if other sites choose to honour them - but it certainly doesn't work the same way or do the same thing and Pasport is adding infoCard to Passport rather than dropping the Passport system. I didn't have space to go into the claims handling and other basic functionality of InfoCard, which make it very different from Passport per se. The way I think of it - and the way Kim Cameron phrases it when people hail him as the slayer of Passport - is that that he was one in a long line of people to explain what was wrong with Passport and that acknowledgement led to a search for what would be right.

Incidentally, I wasn't able to read the MSN Spaces site from my BlackBerry the way I usually browse the Web on the go, because Vodafone marks it as potentailly adult content - and asks me to pay £1 to take the contnet block off my account. Admirable caution or nanny state? How many teenagers will have BlackBerry-capable SIMs? Surely the Sidekick is the teen BlackBerry?
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