Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Back in the Bay again (and again)

Stuffed full of technical info and excellent food, we left the Dallas this morning. While the plan had been to head home, we remembered the eCopy conference, picked up some extra work (my first piece for the Register included), arranged some useful meetings and decided that rather than going home then flying to Florida we might as well stay in the US. This way we can also catch the friends we haven't yet seen in the Bay area and have a shorter flight to Florida (and the ticket home from SF is premium ec rather than cattle class, which the Florida/London flight would be...). So we arrived in time for a delicious dinner with Rowan and Russell and almost everyone, plus a nice coze with saffronrose and mr_kurt and we're here till the 3rd, in Fort Lauderdale till the 6th when we return to San Francisco and heading home at last on the 8th. And really, this is the last delay...
Tags: travel

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