Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Good road food day

Last night after wandering through Santana Row (it's very Stepford Wives but I do like the decor and the Gaudi mosaics and the fountains) and dinner with ocean-song and rob (yummy thai at the only Thai Pepper neither Google nor the GPS knows about) we enjoyed another hot tub in the rain with mr_kurt and saffronrose and Stephanie. This morning Marina treated us to hot cross buns Santa Cruz style - spicey and fluffy and fruity, with the cross icing rather than pastry. Then we stuffed the car (technically, the honking big SUV with surprisingly good gas mileage) with our suitcases, did a little roadtrip snack shopping at Trader Joes (mmm; dried white peaches) and drove up to Cupertino to have lunch in the Apple canteen (mmm; sushi) and talk iWeb (publishing for the rest of us) with an old friend Marc who now handles marketing for the software. No sign of a plateless Mercedes (in the handicapped space or otherwise).

We stopped in Capitola to buy more lovely pottery and take pictures of the beach and eat ice cream from Cafe Violetta. Down the coast to Moss Landing where we saw a sea otter floating lazily around the marina, white herons (both smooth and fluffy) and huge crashing waves on the beach, with a side order of halibut and chips at Phil's Seafood Market. Then through Monterey and around the point to Pacific Grove and the lighthouse on Ocean View Boulevard (the poor man's 17 Mile Drive) watching the surf roll in and almost wash the seals off the rock, then down to Carmel. Walking around Carmel in the rain wasn't as nice as coffee and cake at the Red House Cafe (and Mrs Trawick's Garden Shop). Driving back round the point in the dark, we saw the surf roiling and swirling onto the rocks and beaches in the moonlight.

Favourite road signs of the day; a leaping deer balancing an added red ball on his nose and the people crossing sign on the way into Carmel where the little people are all carrying shopping bags.
Tags: apple, food, fun, las vegas, restaurant, roadsigns, travel

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