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Frankie's in Putney

Frankie's in Putney
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The half-life of a Putney restaurant is about the same as the rest of London - say 18 months. Recently several of the smaller chains - The Real Souvlaki, Wagamamas - have arrived on the High St. Today I spotted that Frankie's is going to be round the corner along Putney Bridge Road and it's almost finished; we get an Itallian grill and pizzeria with many mirrors (based on the pictures at as well as what I saw through the window!)

It's not going to have the late-afternoon laid-back-Mafia ambience of Original Joe's in San Jose, or the fabulous spinach and bacon, but the menu looks a little more adventurous than most - tongue with mostardo fruits, for example.

Putney has a lot of independant restaurants and I hope we'll keep places like Enoca Turi, which I'm a huge fan of for the food (even though the service for the family meal the night before the wedding was pretty poor). A mix of big names and good locals is far better than looking like any other London food court.
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