Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

What's on, who's where and what we said about them

It lists far fewer events than the other event sites I've come across, but the Webtowns section of the Seattle Pos- Intelligencer site has wonderfully specific information for all the districts of the Pugent Sound area from Algona to Yarrow Point. You get concerts, art shows, readings at the local library, cinema listings, restaurant reviews, census data, traffic camsrelevant news stories and a possted history of each area - all on the same page or as links when there's too much detail to show. You can add events to your calendar . Classified ads from each area too, to tick another Web-2.0-ecommerce box. This is one of the nicest local information sites I've found.
Tags: calendar, events, food, location, maps, search, shopping, technology, travel
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