Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

More FT features, more comment

Users spy enticing prospect of a new Vista
By this time next year you might already be using Windows Vista and Office 2007: glancing at the Sidebar to check the weather forecast, using the ribbon interface to format your documents and managing your life from the To-Do bar in Outlook.
My preview of Windows Vista and Office 12

Business handsets: Keyboard is the route to efficiency
Almost any phone can show you e-mail these days but you need a real keyboard if you want to do anything useful with it. I cover a selection of the upcoming handsets with keyboards I aim to get my hands on this year

I've written several pieces for the FT Digital Business section now, but after a couple of days FT content retreats behind the paywall; click them while they're hot!
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