Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Fun things to do with flickr: the Great Postcard Hunt

Every now and again we get to help Bryan Talbot with source images (yesterday, I was the hand model for an image of Beryl Formby on the telephone he's creating for Alice in Sunderland), so I keep an eye out for interesting image sources. I also love seeing how things have changed since vintage photos were taken. I recently worked on some tutorials for Corel, including one for Digit magazine where I took one of our photos of Mount Rainier and used the PowerTRACE tool to make it look more like the images produced by the Work Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project for the US National Park Service in the 1930s (you can see restored versions at

So I really like the look of the Great Postcard Hunt: recreate as closely as possible the photograph from a vintage postcard. There are some great images already, including aerial views redone from Google Earth.
Tags: links, photo, travel, writing

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