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busy busy

January has been a hugely busy month for work; 14 articles due between the 2nd and today on Office 12 (repeatedly), Office in general, gender in Web design, Vista, the HP printer labs, phones with keyboards and SNARF (the email triage tool). Lots of interesting conversations, lots of research, several instances of almost finishing an article and throwing away everything I'd written because I'd written out all the side issues and could work out what I actually wanted to say in the main piece.

We've also ripped out the old make-do-and-mend storage in the office and put in something much better (or it will be when we finish the last of it), done my taxes, done Simon's taxes, planned and abandoned a trip to 3GSM, analysed my mum's finances and repeatedly been amazed that the month isn't finished yet.

February looks a lot quieter because we haven't heard back from many editors for anything other than the recurring work yet. We will be heading North to join pdcawley at a Richard Thomson concert and visiting friends on the way up and down, probably peaking with tanais and elinor.

And March will be spent substantially in the US, assuming my plane ticket actually gets sorted out today: San Francisco for IDF, Las Vegas for MIX 06 and hopefully interesting things in between like Death Valley. Simon pointed out this morning this will put us both in Las Vegas for the second anniversary of my proposing to him (when he was in Vegas and I was in London). It will be nice to be travelling again; so far this year we haven't gone to the South of France and we haven't gone to Barcelona and we have gone to Ikea. Not quite the right balance.
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