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Travelling 2005

I'm not even going to try and count the number of days out of the UK ;-)

Countries visited
US - Orlando, Seattle (x3), Las Vegas, San Francisco (x6), San Jose (x2), Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Boise
France - Cannes, Paris, Lille, Dunkerque
Belgium - Bruges, Ostend, Antwerp
Hungary - Budapest
Jersey (x3)
Holland - Amsterdam

Countries I submitted copy from while on the road

All of the above except Hungary!

Airlines flown
Alaskan, American, United, BA, Virgin Atlantic, Malev, KLM,

New planes flown

MD-80, Canadair regional jet

Longest itinerary by distance
London - Orlando - Seattle - Las Vegas - Seattle - London

Longest itinerary by stops

London - Chicago - San Diego - San Francisco - Boise - San Francisco - Seattle - San Francisco - London

Trips through the Channel Tunnel
London-Paris-London x2
Ostend-Ashford (Eurostar shuttle)

Best hotels: Wynn Las Vegas, W San Francisco, W Seattle, Hotel Del Coronado, Le Meridien Budapest, a delightful hotel in Beaulieu-sur-mer which was probably the Metropole or the Carlton or the Residence Carlton...

Best new restaurants: I Love Sushi in Bellevue/Kirkland, the franco-hungarian place in Budapest, Chicken Rotisserie in Pasadena

Fabulous moments: lobster in LA, snow on Mount Rainier, in a convertible on Highway 1, in a mini round Napa and Sonoma, impromptu Thai chicken salad and rose pinot, Sun in Cannes, comic statues on a Belgian promenade with sand across the road, back to the Getty Museum, finding a gourmet restaurant in Boise, eating in a greenhouse in Amsterdam, the baths in Budapest, phoning an analyst in New York from the Anchor Steam bar in SFO to write copy for a magazine in Bath...

Best part of travelling: seeing new places, meeting old friends, learning new things

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