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Sending large files

Email isn't good for large files; you end up with a copy of the file in your outbox and too many email gateways bounce large attachments and don't even send you a bounce message. FTP is good, but we don't have it set up and sbisson is a bit busy for infrastructure changes this week, so I tried some of the Web file sending services. Simon recommended which is free and friendly and I've collected files from there, but my upload failed three times with only a Page not Found in the browser to tell me I was out of luck. comes highly recommended, but you do have to pay for it.

I used because it has a progress bar and an indication of your upload speed; that way you know if the transfer has got stuck. The free account has no limit on the number or size of files you send (they only stay available for three days and they can only be downloaded three times) and you can use it as pseudo-ftp from a web page. You fill in your details to get the HTML to put on your site; visitors click and get to upload files that you get email notification of. Handy.
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