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A little piece of The Tombs in SF

In his imaginary city of Newford, Charles de Lint has The Tombs - an abandoned area of the city; it sounds a little exciting and a lot dangerous, a little like a refuge and a lot like a dead end. San Francisco has the Albany Landfill - a spit of land jutting out a mile into San Francisco Bay from the east shore, between Berkeley and Richmond. Like the abandoned military barracks that became Freetown Christiana (which the Danish government would rather turn into another modern development), people took it over as a resource. Dog walkers liked not having to put their dogs on a leash, artists painted there, squatters moved in. According to photographer Jill Posener it's being cleaned up as a park; the squatters are gone, the dogs are on leashes and the artists have been told it's a family park.

There's a dark side to free places; there's distrust of travellers and people outside the system. No-one wants somewhere dirty, dangerous and squalid instead of a park. But we need the borderlands and the breakthrough spaces where people can be different as well as the safe clean spaces that can be too plastic and antiseptic sometimes. Liminal places where you can step over the threshold to something new. Art thrives in wilderness, and the art here looks pretty inspiring to me.

See the rest here

Would protecting the art as a sculpture park make it sterile? Where will the gypsies move on and be inspired next?

via a link from Susie Bright
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