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Pedants R Us

This week I've had a press release for a PVR/DVD burner described as 'the same size as a sheet of A4 paper' which implies some pretty compact engineering to get it so flat (they mean the same surface area). And another for Traffic TV which 'can be downloaded directly onto most mobile handsets with a colour screen'. Yes, but which ones does it actually run on? The Web site adds 'a colour screen and support Java' and does actually have a list (looks like recent Windows Mobile and Symbian) - the smartphone market must be very confusing to customers. An extremely IT literate friend waved his phone past my nose the other day and was surprised I could tell him it was running Symbian: to him it was 'just a phone'. I don't think phones as application programs are going to take off for the mass market until 'has a colour screen' does mean you can run any application!
Tags: geek, mobile, rant, technology

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