Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

YABS: yet another blog search

Well, not quite. Chris Pirillo's site is a metasearch service with a simple interface designed for mobile users. Not only does it have a nice clean look with just a search box and a drop-down menu for the type of search (photo, blog, kitchen sink...); you can also construct the search in the URL. Instead of going to and typing in Flex Builder you can go straight to Want some photos of Mount Rainier? Dashes separate words; a dot in-between says you're searching for a phrase. Results come out as RSS so you can re-use them as a feed or piped into a gadget (side note: IE 7's search box will use the A9 OpenSearch spec for syndicated search results, which should move result re-use up a level). It searches all the usual suspects, plus welcome extras like Flickr and plenty of search tools I've never heard of. Very nifty, very elegant.

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