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Metaphor; it's like a simile but different.

From a press release today. "Miracle Dry Wash ( ) is a remarkable new product set to revolutionise the way we clean and polish our cars and motorbikes, in the same way that computers have revolutionised the way we communicate with one another."

As it doesn't use transistors, IP networks, WiFi, a mobile phone, electricity or any other technology that could possibly be involved in email, I don't think it works "in the same way" somehow. Car wax with embedded smart dust? Nope. And they don't need to tell me that washing a car is too much like hard work for us girlies, or suggest that slipping on the wet pavement next to the car is an accident waiting to make this gunk sounds interesting. I actually like the idea of gunk that you wipe on, leave to dry and wipe off with all the dirt trapped in the gunk, especially if it gets off sun-baked sap, but the press release doesn't do the product any favours. Tell me it's high tech; but tell me why.
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