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Local, global or online?

Is this blog a UK site? I'm in the UK (well, most of the time) but the server isn't, so no. Is Simon's IT PhaseChange blog a UK blog? By the same reasoning, no. Which means that Seekport - which has just announced it's added blog search for UK and European blogs - doesn't find us. It doesn't let you look for blogs specifically thought it marks them in the results with an icon, and it finds and a few of my writings - including the sadly defunct and the page for sending my piece for Computing about the telco market in 2003 After the dotcom hype comes the consolidation to a friend, but not the actual article itself, and a single Guardian feature.

Should it find our blogs because we're UK bloggers on an international site? (rhetorical!) How many UK bloggers use LJ, or Blogspot, or Blogger, or MSN Spaces, or WordPress &etc? I'm guessing it's a fairly high proportion. Sites like Technorati don't discriminate against group blogging sites - Dave Sifry says he likes them because the HTML is cleaner! - so you can find LJ blogs through tools that specifically search blogs. Finding UK and European blogs is a good feature - because while for blogs I don't usually care where you are if I respect what you say if I'm interested in, say, Dell customer service I'd rather hear UK horror stories than US Dell Hell. But it's going to take a lot more work to spot what's a UK blog, not just a UK hosted blog.

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