Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Coronado surf

A very long journey but good travel karma. The bulkhead aisle seat was ok for napping on the flight to Chicago. All I saw of Chicago was grey - sky, ground, buildings - but seeing airline staff dressed as fairies and dalmations was fun. We grabbed a quesadilla for the plane - which was really quite good. And although I started out in a middle seat next to a mother and baby, she moved to an aisle seat leaving me with the window and an empty middle seat where the naval cadet could put her head on the table. I had a great view of the side of the engines so I pulled out my pillow and slept most of the way. I've made it through drinks and dinner and it's time for bed but I took a minute to walk on the beach.

The sand was silky cool under my feet and the surf roared in. Like the Bellagio fountains the breakers roar from side to side like a long explosion of spume ripping across the water. The hotel Del Coronado looks like a giant dovecote and the stars are bright - Mars and Orion on his side and Casseiopeia and even the Pleiades and all the other stars I haven't been introduced to yet. Found a shell with a hole ready made for a ribbon.

Sleep now!
Tags: coronado, san diego, travel

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