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All packed then Mary?

Not even got all the technology charged yet, due to a slight technology irritation and our daily date with Veronica Mars. Trying to avoid the pre-travel jitters, ticking off my To Do's...

So, my four-state tour puts me in San Diego via Chicago, Boise via San Francisco (anyone in SF airport on Wednesday the 2nd say hi, I'm there for three hours!), San Francisco and Seattle over the next fortnight, with Simon joining the prestigious SF/Seattle leg (so any last-minute requests for goodies from the UK need to reach him by Wednesday at the latest; rowanf, I'll leave him to bring your delivery so it spends less time flying up and down the coast).

We're free for fun on Friday the 4th in 'Frisco and in Seattle the following week - if you're about and want to catch up, just holler ;-)

I'll go pack then... ;-)
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