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we'll just re-install the iris...

"Unlike other forms of information, such as credit card details, if core biometric details such as your fingerprints are compromised, it is not going to be possible to provide you with new ones," - Jerry Fishenden, national technology officer for Microsoft has the summary, has the full text.

I'm not anti ID cards for any one reason, but I don't believe they solve the problems they set out to tackle and I worry a lot about the implementation of the biggest and juiciest honeypot yet when a friend who's been battling fraud caused by stolen post was told by the police that the biggest source of ID theft seems to be inside the post office. Government IT projects work when they have a clear spec and avoid feature creep; but we find out details about what the database will be used for piecemeal. The technology questions persist and the Home Office conflates all biometrics and ID threats. Too much muddle for the clarity something this complex needs.
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