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You're going to San Francisco?

Well, I am, but... well, let me explain. No, it would take too long, let me summarise!

I'm going to San Diego and Boise, and coming home via San Francisco - to visit HP printer labs and find out neat things.

Going to San Diego involves going to Chicago and running (a smidgen less than 2 hours to change planes and switch terminals; not fun). Then I go to Boise, and on to SF and home.

Well, except that I go to Boise, via San Francisco ;-)
(with a 3-hour layover for lunch, because 59 minutes between planes might not be enough, so if you're passing through the airport Wednesday November 2nd, say hi!)

And *then* I go to San Francisco and sbisson does too and we enjoy the Friday there - hopefully we see rowanf and tanais and elinor and oceansong and folks. And before we go home, we go up to Seattle and see elimloth and Selene and the nifty Kim Cameron (WINOLJ but visit and wrap your head around meta identity) and anyone else who's in Seattle.

And then we go back to San Francisco and fly home - sadly on different planes!

And creating appointments across three timezones makes my head hurt!

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