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sweet water dances

I love the rain; the fine softening mist of drizzle, the glorious energy of a downpour, the sweet soft susurrus of raindrops, the trickling racing patterns of rain on the window, the hiss of rain on the road. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain, to watch an old movie on a rainy afternoon with a mug of cocoa, to duck out of the rain with a coffee and a newspaper and watch the wet streets, to feel heavy hot rain on a warm evening. It's relaxing and renewing, sudden and fey, sweet and soft, rich and sensual, the reason the land is green. I'm sure if it was every day, drear and cold, I'd yearn for hot and dry and in the depths of winter I do, but spring and summer and autumn rain is so welcome, so blessed - especially after the oppressive heat of this last week. It's a luxury of idleness to enjoy the rain; I don't have to commute in it, to try and work out in it. But I love it all the same

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