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sweet water dances

I love the rain; the fine softening mist of drizzle, the glorious energy of a downpour, the sweet soft susurrus of raindrops, the trickling racing patterns of rain on the window, the hiss of rain on the road. I love to fall asleep to the sound of rain, to watch an old movie on a rainy afternoon with a mug of cocoa, to duck out of the rain with a coffee and a newspaper and watch the wet streets, to feel heavy hot rain on a warm evening. It's relaxing and renewing, sudden and fey, sweet and soft, rich and sensual, the reason the land is green. I'm sure if it was every day, drear and cold, I'd yearn for hot and dry and in the depths of winter I do, but spring and summer and autumn rain is so welcome, so blessed - especially after the oppressive heat of this last week. It's a luxury of idleness to enjoy the rain; I don't have to commute in it, to try and work out in it. But I love it all the same


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31st Jul, 2002 05:14 (UTC)
Yeah, what she said.

Cold rain, especially for days on end in winter, is bad to be out in. But otherwise it's pretty good.

And of course you can have rain and sun, and then you get wonderful weather patterns and rainbows.
31st Jul, 2002 05:43 (UTC)
I hate the rain. The pelting little blobs, the clattering noise of it at the windows, the water trickling through the leaking bus shelters, the muddy spray from the cars on the roads. I hate lying in bed disturbed by the uneven rhythm of the dripping gutters, seeing the weeds grow tall while I can't go out and attack the garden, enduring the cold damp drizzle as I make my way to work. It's dark and dank, dreary and wet, clammy and unwelcome, the indication that summer may not be back. I'm sure if it never rained I'd miss it, yearn for the lush gardens and cloudy skies and perhaps on occasion I have. But summer greyness and storms and drizzle are unwelcome, not wanted - especially after the wonderful weather of the past week. It's a litany of irritation to face the rain, I have to commute through it, sit inside and listen to it and it will not go away.

31st Jul, 2002 09:08 (UTC)
I'm with Mary on this one.

Even when I lived in the Seattle area and it rained 90 days straight, it was comforting and I loved the ever-presence of water and life... and the descriptions make me miss it even more.

Now that I've had to move to a place that gets sunshine 300 days out of the year, only gets 12 inches of rain a year, and is near drought conditions for half the year; I do miss it even more.

When the trees would die without getting watered every third day, the grass is all brown and crisp by the fourth of July, and the 'rivers' can be waded across, it's just depressing. Now it's already 40 days of 90+ degrees with occasaional 100 degree days that make it impossible to do much more than run from air conditioned place to air conditioned place. Being out in the sun for only fifteen minutes raises a heat rash.

Yeah. I'm tired of the heat and dry.
31st Jul, 2002 09:25 (UTC)
I love the luxury of being able to walk in the rain, head held high, and get absolutly soaking, whilst other people worry about their hair or their make-up; Warm and pelting rain is my favourite...
31st Jul, 2002 09:36 (UTC)
I own an umrella; it has a duck on the handle.I even have a rain-proof black hat for the drenchiest of days.. but they don't see much use.
31st Jul, 2002 11:33 (UTC)
Me, I'm with Hawkida. I had enough rain growing (in Liverpool) to last me several life-times. I've loved the warm (not hot, it's never made it above blood temperature) sunny weather lately and all the rain has done is make everything muggy and damp. Bleah. And the weather forecast for the folk festival this weekend (an event that ought to involve lots of sitting around on grass drinking beer and listening to music) is not good.

All together now...."Give me Sunshine...."
1st Aug, 2002 06:45 (UTC)
Rain is good. Except when I'm on my bicycle in London traffic during a downpour, when suddenly the brakes don't work and tyre grip is non existent. Heady stuff!
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