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Always in the last place you look

So when I went onto the roof terrace to collect the two ripe tomatoes I could see through the window, Pebbles (she of the evil kitty eyes) followed me and showed me that there was a hole in the protective netting by wriggling through it and declining to Get Off The Roof, Dammit. Throughout the day I've been calling out of the catflap, going down and calling out of the front door and opening the door to the terrace and calling, each time fending off another feline escape attempt at the same time and worrying slightly as Nice Tom Downstairs is out and I can't see the decking she'd have plummeted onto if she did a Calli. Of course, when I went upstairs to put away the clean washing, she sauntered out of the bedroom. She'd walked over the roof and jumped in through the loft window and probably slept on the bed all day. Cats!
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