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Always in the last place you look

So when I went onto the roof terrace to collect the two ripe tomatoes I could see through the window, Pebbles (she of the evil kitty eyes) followed me and showed me that there was a hole in the protective netting by wriggling through it and declining to Get Off The Roof, Dammit. Throughout the day I've been calling out of the catflap, going down and calling out of the front door and opening the door to the terrace and calling, each time fending off another feline escape attempt at the same time and worrying slightly as Nice Tom Downstairs is out and I can't see the decking she'd have plummeted onto if she did a Calli. Of course, when I went upstairs to put away the clean washing, she sauntered out of the bedroom. She'd walked over the roof and jumped in through the loft window and probably slept on the bed all day. Cats!



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26th Sep, 2005 20:49 (UTC)

And my father had a little dog called Pebbles a while back. :-)
26th Sep, 2005 22:34 (UTC)
Never seems to achieve anythign to call cats.

They only hear you and respond if they were planning on coming in anyway - coz it's mealtime or they're overdue for a chin scratch.

Otherwise, it only annoys the neighbours.
27th Sep, 2005 09:43 (UTC)
I realised years back that the only reason for calling cats was to annoy the neighbours. Why else should my mother choose to name the kittens Castor and Pollux. The latter did tend to wander.
27th Sep, 2005 13:14 (UTC)
it's monstrous odd and may get her drummed out of feline corps but this little charmer comes when you call her name often enough to make you think it will always work... the other cats know their names and look at you when you call, usually, I admit, with a 'you must be joking' look
27th Sep, 2005 20:03 (UTC)
> make you think it will always work

you have, I think, spotted the important detail. :)

27th Sep, 2005 20:13 (UTC)
:) You've just failed the 'how to deal with cats in silly places' test. The correct way is to leave them alone, and they'll come back - unless they're mewing in which case you have to rescue.

Of course, I did have to learn this the hard way, after my parent's cat found her way onto the roof and we spent the next hour trying to entice her off the roof without realising all the neighbours were sitting laughing at us.

Eventually she jumped from the roof to the top of the window, then down into the bedroom. Damn :)
27th Sep, 2005 20:38 (UTC)
oh, I left her alone - and she came back on her own. Into the bedroom and leaving a 'present' on the bedside rug. caveat feeder!
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