Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

River of light with moon

Taking the hovercraft electric tram down from the Getty museum after an afternoon of walking around the gardens and admiring the architecture and the views and looking at the paintings and resisting temptation in the museum shop (lampwork glass bead bracelets good, museum prices scarey), we saw a huge copper moon rising over the red and white light stream of the freeway.

Staying out in the warm dark we cling to the twisting turns of Mulholland Drive as the mountain falls away on alternate sides to canyon darkness or city lights. At number 13355 is a neon sign with the house number, encased in a perspex box and presumably cleaned every day as there is no trace of guano. Further along a dark driveway is lined by bushes with strings of tiny white lights twining through them, turning it into the entrance to Faerie.

And someone has hit - not a deer but the deer warning sign, so that instead of leaping across the road the deer icon leans back on its hind legs and accelerates for vertical takeoff. Beware: VTOL deer. Of course this may be the only way to manage the slopes...

Today also featured:
Driving up and down the nicest road in Griffith Park trying to find the observatory
Walking up the trail past the building site where they're rebuilding the observatory to look at the Hollywood sign and the orange butterflies
Driving to Pasadena across the bridge over the concrete LA river and spotting Forest Lawns miles off by the fact that the grass is green
Breakfast in an organic french patisserie where the croissants are both light and buttery - and wholemeal.
Lunch: chicken sandwiches from Rotisserie Chicken in the historic downtown of Pasadena (ie it's not a mall)
First sighting of Pirate Chai: less sweet more spicey. I may be PirateChaiGirl but I want to be sweet too
Dinner at California Roll Sushi Fish or a similarly descriptive name where much eel was had and iced green tea turns out to be tasty and refreshing
Tedious admin as our heroes discover that they only have one airline reference number, which is out of date, and that the recommended coach service stopped running in the spring, and that the hotel wireless is flakey flakey very very flakey: followed by victory through strategic phone calls and strawberry kiwi snapple
Tags: figaro, food, los angeles, restaurant, travel

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