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self-referential: see...

This made me laugh.
"Speaking of search, lots of debate goes on around MS-land about which search engine is the most accurate. In an effort to put an end to the debate, I did a search for "search" on various engines to see which engine gets returned most often. Here are the results:
MSN returns Google as the first result.
Google returns AltaVista at the top
AltaVista returns MSN Search first (actually after CNET Search, but seriously.)
Incidentally, all of them, except Yahoo itself, return Yahoo at least somewhere on the first page."!1pgy10AlQ0hE5KLSedeFRuZA!731.entry

I checked; modestly, Google is the third result after Altavista and Lycos, followed by My Excite... it puts Search Engine Watch on page 1 but MSN Search is on page 3. Hmmmmm
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