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  • Sun, 15:28: when you are reading the last book in a series & it is SO GOOD that you have to read it at full speed but it is also SO GOOD that you don't want to finish it and you look to see what else Kristin Cashore has written after the Graceling books & *there is a fourth book out* 😍😍😍
  • Sun, 15:29: RT @johnwilander: ”And even if your business doesn’t have a large loyalty program, you can still measure store sales by taking advantage of…
  • Sun, 15:30: RT @glichfield: Facebook's second prong, and again this is classic PR, is to try to make people believe the story says something it does no…
  • Sun, 15:31: RT @glichfield: Take the time to go through those corrections and, if the reporter and editor did their job well in the first place, most w…
  • Sun, 15:34: it's easy for people (in tech or anywhere else) who are criticised to respond from their emotion of feeling attacked to what they feel the criticism said rather than what it actually said; good PRs don't let a CTO show that understandable confounding ��
  • Sun, 15:35: RT @tomgauld: My cartoon for yesterday’s @guardianreview. Many more of my @guardian cartoons are here:
  • Sun, 15:41: RT @jameshoggarth: From my afternoon walk today #Hull
  • Sun, 16:01: RT @PaulBrandITV: BREAKING: Understand the Home Secretary has also asked Sir Tom Windsor, Chief Inspector of Constabulary, for a report in…
  • Mon, 01:15: RT @tuckwoodstock: The fact that EVERY single reply is about Buzzfeed laying off almost 50 workers this month... *chef's kiss*
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