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  • Sun, 13:38: RT @typer_uma: A lot of people are justifiably horrified at the compulsory hormone treatment imposed by the British state on Alan Turing, y…
  • Sun, 13:41: RT @DavidHenigUK: What is so wrong with a government saying we obviously didn't achieve all we wanted and will look for ways to change that…
  • Sun, 13:42: RT @JoseGameWriter: @APHClarkson In the past Brexit was imminent cliff edges. In the future Brexit is a series of bandages being ripped off.
  • Sun, 13:45: RT @JolyonMaugham: It's really odd, the Sunday/Times coverage of trans rights. For the census to collect data on gender identity has been a…
  • Sun, 13:45: RT @henrymance: the Brexit deal as described by Boris Johnson versus the Brexit deal as experienced by British businesses - you won’t read…
  • Sun, 13:48: RT @butNHS: My wife is shielded and we got the call today. “Can she come immediately for the vaccine?” “Yes of course - do we need to bring…
  • Sun, 13:49: Bible black voices in a warm darkness
  • Sun, 13:50: RT @benrothke: Auditing PassRole: A Problematic Privilege Escalation Permission. Analysis by @NoamDahan of @ErmeticSec. PassRole is @awsclo
  • Sun, 13:54: RT @mrjamesob: Analysing Johnson's stupid photo more closely than Johnson's stupid deal seems to sum things up.
  • Sun, 13:54: RT @SenWarren: It’s time we stop letting the Minority Leader control the Democratic majority.
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