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  • Sun, 12:01: Good lord, the logic of these two; correlation, confounding variables and phoning in the tip to make the story yourself. *this* is what's wrong with the BBC
  • Sun, 12:01: RT @lisaocarroll: Security? Maar: We will lose access to 5 databases Raab: The big win for us is control of our borders. (Here's what UK…
  • Sun, 12:02: RT @Chican3ry: So much policy around trans ppl is driven by the needs of cis ppl and cis bodies, such that the protection of even one cis w…
  • Sun, 12:02: RT @Chican3ry: The frustrating thing about all this deception going on is that there are in fact very real ethical concerns going on in tra…
  • Sun, 12:04: RT @lizzba: @Juergen_Maier @ThatTimWalker @DailyMailUK The #Mail & others In our media have worked tirelessly for #Brexit & the worst possi…
  • Sun, 12:07: I can't blame EU folks for thinking the newspaper headlines reflect the whole country in our collective madness, given the lack of credible opposition in political circles - but they don't
  • Sun, 12:40: I don't name check all the friends who appear in my dreams, but even though I don't normally dream people I know, my brain is currently going through most of the people we usually hang out with in person; people we see in passing tend to show up in passing in the dream
  • Sun, 12:48: RT @sonniesedge: "PM and EU chief agree to extend relentless stress caused by a pointless Brexit and pantomime deadlines"
  • Sun, 12:53: Thread of interesting details about the Google promotion process that very much matches other things I've heard; designed by smart engineers, ratcheted on metrics they're convinced are smart, accidentally harmful
  • Sun, 13:00: RT @IanDunt: Utterly damning. Orban has taken almost complete control of the Hungarian media. Independent journalists are silenced. No-one…
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    Sun, 12:40: RT @ MSFTResearch: Explore artists’ interventions on surveillance, from policing to encryption, e-waste, & AI. Join Dr. Simone…

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    Sat, 17:30: proof that a feature hasn't shipped until it's documented Sat, 17:33: RT @ sarahmquinlan: So many men…

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    Fri, 12:29: RT @ soapachu: Hey remember when he illegally prorogued Parliament to prevent scrutiny of his 'great new deal'? Fri, 12:30: RT…

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