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  • Sun, 12:53: RT @sonniesedge: This is the (allegedly) most liberal newspaper in the UK fully backing a religious-conservative ruling against trans youth…
  • Sun, 12:57: Oddly, no mention of the visas, passport queues or residence limits most UK folks will face the next time they can go Interrailing
  • Sun, 12:58: RT @guardian: ‘We won’t be cash cows’: UK students plan the largest rent strike in 40 years
  • Sun, 12:58: RT @maybulman: Excl: Home Office facing legal challenges over ‘inhuman’ conditions for asylum seekers in former barracks Lawyers say holdi…
  • Sun, 13:08: So just slightly more people in my TL manage to hear post-COVID as a sensible rather than wishful phrase
  • Sun, 13:12: Do you block someone who posts a transphobic reply and then immediately deletes it?
  • Sun, 13:20: RT @DavMicRot: So-called cancel culture (1) Some wealthy, powerful person (generally white dude) tries to cancel a minority population by b…
  • Sun, 13:21: RT @KevinKaichuang: Ok Google I want to misconstrue Timnit + Yann, Black in AI, and defund the police all in one convenient thread https://…
  • Sun, 13:29: Waving hand depressed about this since not only 2016 but since ~2012 when a big name US tech analyst blocked me for arguing that Cameron's election was actually not just UK politics as usual
  • Sun, 13:33: RT @browniepoints: “Still I rise...”
  • Sun, 13:36: If the person being attacked by the powerful person mention their exhaustion this is taken as a sign of irrationality and makes their response suspect (they must also stay utterly polite)
  • Sun, 13:40: RT @KevinKaichuang: I've had some interesting reviewer 2s in my time, but none of them have been my boss's boss and none of them fired me.
  • Sun, 13:41: RT @vnasilva: I stand with Timnit in a different way. I am fighting on the background so the workshop happens smoothly and we can continue…
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    Thu, 13:18: RT @ sbisson: @ pronichkin @ jsnover @ marypcbuk @ Microsoft The point that Microsoft itself makes is that accessibility is…

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    Wed, 14:13: RT @ flying_rodent: It really does take some balls to talk about appropriate leadership candidates and so on when the Prime…

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    Tue, 12:37: RT @ aronchick: US: We lead the world in Too Big To Fail! Chin: Hold my Baijiu Tue, 12:38: RT @ JolyonMaugham: NDAs are often…

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