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well, I'm not quite sure what the right word is. After fjm's discussion about LJ and search and pricvacy, I thought I'd use Google Images to search for my name. The results:
- the photo from which is also
- Me as the Village People in the video at
- a house in Richmond California photographed in 1923 by Mary Thompson for her school history project: the home of Mr Branscombe
- an illustrated invitation to a charity event chaired by a Mary Beth Branscombe
- an East Devon estate agent (Branscombe is a village)
- two photos of my engagement ring from an RSS feed of my LJ run by;at the University of Bath: A centre of expertise in digital information management, providing advice and services to the library, information, education and cultural heritage communities.
- me braiding hair for charity at Eastercon 2003
- a picture that comes directly from my LJ but it's actually a PC and Pixel cartoon I blogged
- a box shot of Adobe Creative Suite Premium from the Graphics Unleashed site that copies reviews from Amazon; probably because I've reviewed graphics software for Amazon, though the site doesn't use my name anywhere.
- me looking sleepy on a panel at Helicon 2 because I'm so much shorter than Harry Turtledove that it looks like I've got my head on the desk
- the estate agent again
- the video cover for America's Natural Wonders - Yellowstone / Grand Canyon / Yosemite.

Not quite what I was expecting!

Y'all could pick this up as a meme if you like ;-)
Tags: geek, links, meme, personal, photo

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