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  • Mon, 02:36: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Just approach everything with humility. And how you think products/approaches work on the surface, based on marketing…
  • Mon, 02:36: RT @EanMeyer: Trader Joe’s gets it.
  • Mon, 02:37: RT @stevesi: Microsoft says Forza is at risk from Apple’s Unreal Engine cutoff // That time Microsoft argued strong…
  • Mon, 02:38: RT @brettachapman: Susan LaFlesche was Omaha and Ponca and the first Native American doctor in U.S. history. She received her medical degre…
  • Mon, 02:39: RT @lopez_wd: One of the reasons I don't require students to turn on cameras during a zoom class is because of the enormous gender gap in w…
  • Mon, 02:39: RT @elchefe: Hi! I’m 44, a Marine Corps vet and BJJ champion and I cry in my bed after therapy. Dudes (and dude-identifying folks), don’t…
  • Mon, 02:41: RT @jonnymorris1973: @ProfBrianCox I find the most accurate model is to assume the government are not thinking further ahead than tomorrow'…
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