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  • Sun, 12:37: RT @maxschrems: So after the @EUCourtPress decision in #SchremsII @Facebook simply says "violation of the essence of a fundamental right -…
  • Sun, 12:45: RT @mcquillan_ruth: RT if you have absolutely no problem with wearing a mask in indoor public spaces and in fact feel that it is a small bu…
  • Sun, 12:50: RT @mshelton: We conducted research into security and privacy experiences for survivors of intimate partner abuse. Often through coercion a…
  • Sun, 12:51: RT @RudyHuyn: Some of you were surprised that I (and others) still use the word "UWP", so let's clarify that! Project Reunion is amazing, i…
  • Sun, 12:56: RT @pwnallthethings: So often, the "marketplace of ideas" argument falls into the trap of thinking the debaters want to engage in an exchan…
  • Sun, 12:58: RT @joshmich: I have a universal health coverage joke but in the U.S. no one gets it.
  • Mon, 02:59: One of the things I really miss from living in Bath is Ben's Cookies; we tried a recipe that aims to be similar
  • Mon, 03:03: RT @amyok1980: I lost my necklace containing my Dads ashes in Southsea, rose garden, pier area on Monday. Devastated doesn't come close! De…
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