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low points and high points

high points

- we had a fun if relatively quiet WorldCon; saw friends, found nice restaurants, met new people, went to programming, resisted buying too much.
- driving round Lock Lomond, through the glens, across the top of Lock Fyne and down Loch Gare on a sunny afternoon.
- dropping on on tanais and elinor who knew were were coming but not when ;-)
- sbisson, any time
- more gaming soon.
- selling the old sofa on eBay ;-)

low points
- seeing my father in the hospice; it seems he doesn't want to do chemo for the oesophageal cancer and he's very calm about it. People in hospital get so much smaller so quickly.
- getting a letter from HFC saying that not only do they not plan to stop harassing me about the payment I made that they say they paid on to a credit card and want again but they'll be filing a default notice with credit agencies about me. Have written letter of complaint.
- discovering that my PC doesn't do any of the backups I've scheduled because I don't have a password on my account; taking 45 minutes to find the workaround because I looked on Google rather than going straight to
- realising how much work I have to do before we go to SF on the 20th.
- hearing that the US government is holding a Freedom march with free country music (why country music) to make capital out of the 911 anniversary.
- hearing that Bush is backing Intelligent Design in schools.
- gaming being TONIGHT!
- waiting for the buyer to come collect the sofa ;-(

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