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  • Wed, 20:54: RT @paulwaugh: She asked @MattHancock about new data that BAME people in England are 54% more likely to be fined under coronavirus rules th…
  • Wed, 20:55: RT @mniehaus: What’s new for IT pros in Windows 10, version 2004
  • Wed, 20:56: Borisconi and Cummings think we can like it or lump it�
  • Wed, 20:57: RT @matt_hfoster: Pretty astonishing as PM apparently unaware of the potentially thousands of people with No Recourse to Public Funds - whi…
  • Wed, 21:01: RT @appcompatguy: Pro tip: before talking about a technology, consider implementing that technology and understanding what it's like to liv…
  • Wed, 21:03: plotting where in the house I can use these�
  • Wed, 21:03: RT @JenMsft: WIN+Ctrl+Shift+B - A good hotkey to remember if your screen ever unexpectedly goes black Tells the system your PC is experien…
  • Wed, 21:04: RT @cindyalvarez: The trick to assumptions is to write them down as quickly as possible, before you self-edit. (because: just because your…
  • Wed, 21:04: RT @cindyalvarez: Assumptions: - This will work/be better because... - We need to do/know _____ before we get started... - We will need ___…
  • Wed, 21:05: RT @curtlanglotz: "Gender imbalance in medical imaging datasets produces biased classifiers for computer-aided diagnosis based on convoluti…
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