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  • Thu, 18:30: RT @lolamby: "Dumb Americans sue over nothing" is a manufactured meme pumped into news & entertainment by big corps who wish to reform tort…
  • Thu, 19:46: there's booking, there's getting the test and there's getting a test that actually works...�
  • Thu, 19:47: RT @secretspartacus: @PippaCrerar Yes, but have you seen the details?! Not many testing centres, only those with a car can go, and most of…
  • Thu, 19:53: GPU+AI model = cloud HPC�
  • Thu, 19:54: RT @JulietEMcKenna: Fire in the Night - a free story from the Aldabreshin Archipelago. More free reading for the cooped up from @WTPress.…
  • Thu, 19:54: RT @AlbertLee2020: If you're afraid that giving people $2000/month will leave them with more money than they would have had if they were wo…
  • Thu, 19:58: RT @GuyDorrellEsq: Just had my daily exercise walk. The high street was packed, people are getting complacent and sloppy. On the way back s…
  • Thu, 19:58: RT @GuyDorrellEsq: Had a quick chat with him at a safe distance. He thinks people are getting complacent too. He’s has to deal with a stagg…
  • Thu, 20:00: RT @MSEdgeDev: IT Pros: We know data security is more important than ever with your employees working remote. 💼 That's why we're excited…
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