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Downloaders buy more music

I'll say that again, as the record industry is somewhat hard of understanding. According to research firm The Leading Question, illegal file sharers are more likely to purchase legal music downloads than others and they spend four and a half times more on paid-for music downloads than most people.

Don't gouge the prices and people are happy to pay for their music; let them try songs for free and they'll go buy lots more CDs or convenient legal downloads. It seems like common sense and now it has research backing. But the record industry still doesn't quite smell the coffee: the British Phonographic Industry says that file-sharers' expenditure on music overall is down, and that this must be the fault of file sharing rather than the fault of the record industry for still not getting behind legal downloads at reasonable prices. After all, when the iTunes music service started selling lots of legal music, did the record industry think this was a good thing that should be encouraged or ask Apple to put the price up so they could have a bigger cut?
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