Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

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  • Sun, 02:37: RT @NeedhiBhalla: It’s true: having two people actively working to advance one individual’s academic career is an advantage most women acad…
  • Sun, 02:37: RT @IDoubtIt: Twitter folks with many followers: Do not engage with ignoramuses spouting nonsense. If they don't have a lot of followers, s…
  • Sun, 02:40: RT @eriktorenberg: Great way to get the lay of the land quickly in any field: Ask experts in the field where they disagree with each other.
  • Sun, 02:40: RT @fjserna: We just published further information around the Citrix ADC/Gateway vulnerability with fix release dates. If I can recommend…
Tags: #Marsz1000Tóg, #MarszTysiącaTóg, #WolneSądy, #ab5, #azure, twitter

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