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Pen pictures

Simon and I are both big fans of Tablet PCs because the combination of being able to write things down, record things and carry years worth of notes around with us make work so much easier. I know dress designers who use them and pilots, and teachers who rave about them. This week Microsoft did a publicity stunt in Leicester Square, getting one of the caricaturists who sketch people to use a Tablet PC instead of pen and paper.

We went down to get caricatured, sitting in the sun and watching the crowds watch us.

Meanwhile the PR chap uses a Tablet PC to email previous sketches out by WiFi.

I'm done, time for Simon

Emil the artist starts with an 'ink' sketch

and then adds shading

He's not changing the way he works: you can see similar pen and paper caricatures on the railings...

And the final results. As usual, I look like a chipmunk.


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21st Jul, 2005 19:12 (UTC)
Great caricature! And no, you do not look like a chipmunk.
21st Jul, 2005 19:25 (UTC)
what software did the artist used?
Do you know what software for drawing was the artist using in his tablet pc?

Comic Strpi Blogger from http://comicstripblog.com
21st Jul, 2005 19:39 (UTC)
Re: what software did the artist used?
Ink Art - the free Tablet software from the Experience Pack http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/tabletpc/experiencepack/

Of course you could use Alias Sketchbook Pro (designed for Tablet), or Corel Painter, or your favourite art software: because a Tablet PC uses the same technology as a Wacom graphics tablet, except you're drawing on the screen the way you would on paper so it's more intuitive for a lot of people.
21st Jul, 2005 22:31 (UTC)
I usually hate caricatures but those aren't bad. Interesting stunt!
22nd Jul, 2005 00:26 (UTC)
Simon looks like an elfin Arnold Schwartzenegger. In glasses. Yipe!
22nd Jul, 2005 03:35 (UTC)
You both look gorgeous!
When are the two of you going to be around so you can help me celebrate my new job with Symbian? I start Monday! (Tech Author would you believe?)
22nd Jul, 2005 11:10 (UTC)
Re: You both look gorgeous!
awwww ;-) and congratulations!

well, if you're free sunday we're planning a picnic in Kew Gardens?
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