Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Mon, 11:42: RT @Jhaymee: “Our findings show that the boards of elite private firms are incredibly homogenous. Women held just over 7% of board seats in…
  • Mon, 11:43: RT @monkchips: the hot takes by the commentariat about Labour's failure are exhausting. Every bias is confirmed, no lessons are learned, a…
  • Mon, 11:51: RT @ruskin147: I’ve been at the BBC even longer than Huw. Throughout we’ve been accused of bias by both sides - and throughout everyone I’v…
  • Mon, 11:53: RT @campbellclaret: I don’t detect much reflection going on among those calling for a period of reflection.
  • Mon, 11:57: RT @ieshasmall: I see media ppl + talking/writing about london in a way that shows they are a) willfully misrepresenting it or b) never go…
Tags: #amqp, #cloudbrew, #cyberfirst, #http, #sccm, twitter
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