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  • Thu, 08:47: RT @5_min_macro: Not the time or plaice to carp about this fishy explanation for Norwegian Krona weakness, but kudos to the FT for slipping…
  • Thu, 08:48: RT @DrAliTavassoli: Declined to examine a PhD thesis at a U.K. university as they wanted to see & take a copy of my passport, to make sure…
  • Thu, 08:49: RT @PickardJE: Boris Johnson, 2017: “Freedom of expression is a universal human right and free press underpins that right. “Where governm…
  • Thu, 08:50: RT @freezydorito: honestly if panic at the disco can fit short stories in song titles you can make descriptive commit messages
  • Thu, 08:51: RT @RachelAppel: I just saw a thread on Twitter in which some guy insisted that soft skills are easy to learn, it's the tech skills that ar…
  • Thu, 08:51: RT @BBCNewsnight: Political editor @nicholaswatt says there has been a “clear pivot” in the Lib Dems’ general election campaign today as th…
  • Thu, 08:52: RT @Lewis_North90: Lib Dem manifesto is out and it's a belter: 😍 35 hours free childcare a week 😍 Freeze rail fare increases 😍 80% renewabl…
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