Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Sun, 17:24: RT @Delafina777: Or, in other words: millennial workers view themselves as your equals THE HORROR HOW DARE THEY
  • Sun, 17:24: RT @Delafina777: And THAT's what's really spawning a thousand thinkpieces and textbook chapters on Entitled Millennial Workers: the fact t…
  • Sun, 17:24: RT @Joshua4Congress: I don't have kids & probably never will. I support universal childcare & paid maternal leave. I'm never going back to…
  • Sun, 17:26: RT @brendandburns: @copyconstruct PM is the voice of the customer and therefore (generally) the source of prioritization. Eng is responsibl…
Tags: #msignite, #msignite2019, twitter

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