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  • Fri, 19:26: RT @NVMexpress: #Enterprise customers “don’t know how quickly the world is going to change for them, or what they’ll want to attach in two…
  • Fri, 20:20: RT @sbisson: Interesting; the latest push of Your Phone removes the Phone Screen option from my non-Samsung devices (not that they could us…
  • Fri, 20:23: RT @Raid1968:
  • Fri, 20:23: RT @DrLukeOR: We all knew it was coming. Not a failure of technology, but a failure of capitalisation and business models, imo. https://t.c…
  • Fri, 20:26: RT @Pete_Brown: These controls are very cool. Don't trust folks who say "zero lines of code", but my demo has ... well ... zero lines of co…
  • Fri, 20:28: RT @christi3k: OSS project leaders not wanting to have to think about how things are paid for is part of the problem.
  • Fri, 20:28: RT @christi3k: Infrastructure services used to be one of the main things OSS foundations provided before the rise of SaaS and freemium. Tha…
  • Fri, 20:28: RT @Nick_Craver: Yesterday we flipped (the main domain, not Q&A which is up soon!) to .NET Core 3.0. While our port…
  • Fri, 20:58: RT @mathewi: If I didn't know better, I would think Deadspin management either doesn't know how to operate its own CMS, or forgot to revoke…
  • Fri, 20:58: I remember when this was a core pay-for-feature in EverNote�
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