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  • Thu, 19:46: RT @clemensv: 3/ Of course, Service Bus still being healthy might not help if other resources of the app in that region have been torched,…
  • Thu, 19:46: RT @clemensv: 4/ Therefore, we provide a "self-service" option for when you pull the trigger and fail over to the secondary site, but the b…
  • Thu, 19:47: when Azure says 'disaster' they mean it got nuked from orbit�
  • Thu, 19:47: RT @clemensv: 7/ Digging a bit deeper into those cases, I am finding that what the customers stressing GeoDR mostly want is some degree of…
  • Thu, 19:47: RT @clemensv: 8/ If you run time-critical and geographically distributed infrastructure of any sort (energy, traffic, manufacturing, logist…
  • Thu, 19:47: RT @clemensv: 9/ When a whole container terminal at a shipping port is not able to reach the primary site due to a bungled route configurat…
  • Thu, 19:47: RT @clemensv: End/ Summary: Disaster recovery is for disasters. "All active" operation is a different challenge, and one that you can reali…
  • Thu, 19:49: if you can do it in Cosmos, do it in Cosmos; if not the rest of this thread has a DIY option�
  • Thu, 19:50: RT @ottocrat: Well I never.
  • Thu, 19:51: RT @MSMakeCode: Try out the brand new sprite and animation editor on arcade.
Tags: #azureiot, #bluehat, #climatechange, #databox, #edge, #kubernetes, #neurips2019, #servicebus, #siliconflatirons, #worldmentalhealthday2019, twitter

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