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  • Sun, 12:14: When the *FT Sunday magazine* which is about ways to spend your hail is saying "now idea the time to redistribute w…
  • Sun, 12:18: Accurate depiction of my side eye when Facebook forgets to tell you that even private shares *with Facebook *
  • Sun, 12:31: OK, FT Weekend is full of hard hitting comment; this snark about Beijing and Internet propaganda/censorship as an i…
  • Sun, 12:32: RT @ilparone: Indeed. Great story by @WillOremus: “I am concerned that the very success of the field ends up making us believe that the onl…
  • Sun, 12:39: RT @chrisinsilico: Some say it’s “hysteria” to be concerned by escalating rhetoric of the British right. It’s not. I have been attacked. I…
  • Sun, 12:39: RT @thomasleeds: Did you vote for my epilepsy meds to be withheld?? Just been told I can't keep my emergency reserve due to new supply iss…
  • Sun, 12:40: RT @immigrationgaff: Warning - this one is particularly disgusting from a first-tier judge. Bear in mind that if this isn't a legally aide…
  • Mon, 00:59: RT @OnlyInMen: This is shocking: describing the same symptoms as a 59 year old male or female smoker gets you two different diagnoses on @b
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