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Not the usual testy moaning: a testimonial

Can I just say that OneNote *rocks*?

I was researching high resolution digital cameras (while the Gigapixl Project produces amazing images, they're not digital cameras, they're film cameras with a huge scanner in the back room) and I knew I'd taken a note at an event at the National Gallery about the resolution of the custom digital cameras they use. I thought it was 100 megapixel, but I needed to check. Going back through two years of notes on paper, scribbled on the back of press releases or buried in whichever notebook I was carrying that month would take so long it wouldn't be worth bothering for a 70-word nugget; but in OneNote all I have to do is put "National Gallery" in the search box and up comes the handwritten page. If I've remembered to tag it as a statistic with a note flag, I can get a list of all the interesting numbers I've written down too. Nice one Mr Pratley!
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