Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Mon, 01:42: RT @n_rand_: i don't want the GOVERNMENT to have control over my life; i want the BILLION-DOLLAR CORPORATIONS THAT BRIBE THE GOVERNMENT to…
  • Mon, 01:42: RT @_PDubya: "A Windows laptop at the same price point can still do far more." - Best Buy guy
  • Mon, 01:43: RT @TatianaTMac: While I appreciate the sentiment behind people arguing with trolls in my mentions, I ask that you don’t. Often I’ve muted…
  • Mon, 01:47: RT @AliFraser57: My wife left her violin on the 18.07 London to Uckfield train last night. It was in a blue case and it's her livelihood. P…
  • Mon, 01:48: RT @JenMsft: Getting started w/ virtual desktops? Something to keep in mind: * WIN+Ctrl+D: New desktop * WIN+Ctrl+Left/Right: Switch desk…
  • Mon, 01:56: RT @emilyst: Take me down To the Paradox City Where this sentence is false With high probability Oh wont you please take me halfway home,…
Tags: #blink, #mathcrypt2019, twitter
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