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  • Sun, 03:42: RT @getwired: There was nothing unintended about the licensing changes that were made. They were strategic. There are two that are related.…
  • Sun, 03:45: RT @joshuawongcf: More than thousand HKers sing Les Miserables' 'Do you hear the people sing?' at HK international airport with their calls…
  • Sun, 03:45: RT @BriannaWu: I wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about why video games don't cause violence, but toxic gamer culture does--and how t…
  • Sun, 04:29: RT @ComradeEevee: Update for clarification: 1. I have a phone. 2. Ticket home bought 3. Goons and hotel know phone is missing. 4. @dcskytal
  • Sun, 04:52: RT @sch: Bloomberg Keyboards over the years. The 1990 version is my fav—personal macro buttons, market selector shortcuts!
  • Sun, 05:01: RT @c7zero: #ScrewedDrivers: Common Design Flaw In Dozens (40+) of Device Drivers Allows Widespread Windows Compromise
  • Sun, 05:03: RT @TruBluDevil: Surely there are some amazing #WomenInTech here who would be awesome at this? They’re still taking applications! https://t…
  • Sun, 05:09: RT @apiary: Your rape joke T-shirt isn’t funny.
  • Sun, 05:17: RT @Otto_English: There are a lot of fake "pressure groups" out there. But the Taxpayers Alliance is one of the most damaging. It's time to…
  • Sun, 05:19: Oh look, blood diamonds. How can you say the referendum had any legitimacy at this point?�
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    Wed, 13:16: RT @ agiletortoise: Any Apple folks on accessibility/Web APIs out there? FB9097387: CloudKit JS generated sign in and sign out…

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    Mon, 12:26: RT @ tomwarren: at many pubs in London you now have to part with your name, phone number, and address just to order a pint. This…

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    Sun, 12:23: Orange moon last night; bright as a new copper penny but distorted as if the penny had been stretched on a train track Sun,…

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