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An MP that gets email

I just got a mail back from our MP Justine Greening in reply to me urging her to vote against the ID cards bill.
"Will be voting against this apalling piece of legislation - just dived out of the debate to check emails! "


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28th Jun, 2005 16:58 (UTC)
Good heavens, a Tory with some Clue. You wouldn't have got this response with Tony Colman.
28th Jun, 2005 17:09 (UTC)
I know!

The last reply I ever had from Colman to any of my emails (always on HoC headed paper) said he didn't see the point of ID cards himself but he'd look into it and get back to me. He must have looked deep enough to get a good whipping, I guess, as I never heard a sausage after that.
2nd Jul, 2005 23:31 (UTC)
Apparenty ours also has a clue, despite being a Tory. Maybe he's protecting his position, being the only Tory MP in Scotland, by being ultra-responsive...?
28th Jun, 2005 21:26 (UTC)
Not only an MP who gets e-mails but a) evidently responds herself, b) responds in casual english and b) gives a shit about the views of her constituents. She may be a Tory, but good on her.

Mind you, she's new - give her a couple of years, a shadow ministerial post, and she'll go corporate... (gratuitous cynicism ahoy!)
30th Jun, 2005 06:59 (UTC)
I can top that, my MP has his own weblog. Took a bit longer to set up than expected, maybe I should have just got him a livejournal :-)
30th Jun, 2005 15:05 (UTC)
you'll have less spam than on LJ I think ;-) and you even have an MP you can support!
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