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  • Sun, 09:49: RT @tarah: Ladies, I am here to tell you: changing your name is some serious business. I’ve not been with my previous husband for more than…
  • Sun, 10:22: RT @mrbill: @dawnstarau @SwiftOnSecurity A former boss told me "It's hard to give sysadmins an exceeds, because its your job to make sure e…
  • Sun, 10:25: RT @zsk: Last year I was in hospital with my little boy and the nurses were absolutely wonderful. I took them in some biscuits and chocs af…
  • Sun, 10:26: RT @tomayac: In the new Chromium-based Edge DevTools, Microsoft aligns the appearance with @Code and makes the dark theme the default: http…
  • Sun, 10:26: RT @joncstone: one of the most persistent and weird memes on Remainer twitter is ’a lot of voters think no-deal means things stay as they a…
  • Sun, 10:26: RT @BenPBradshaw: Labour will haemorrhage votes, members, councillors, MPs & MEPs if we renege on our commitment to a public vote on any #B
  • Sun, 10:33: RT @mitsuhiko: My key is boken. What a geat poduct apple has ceated. And it only costs 4000 EU. Love this keyboad.
  • Sun, 10:34: RT @ryanflorence: My MacBook Pro when charging subtly shocks me if I touch anything but the plastic keys! This machine continues to surpris…
  • Sun, 10:34: RT @soapachu: Add your picture to the thread and show your support for #transrights
Tags: #b, #microsoftflow, #onenote, #transrights, twitter
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